The Coming of Facebook Smartwatch

Here’s some great news for AR and VR enthusiasts! The Verge has learned about the coming of Facebook Smartwatch by the summer of next year. This will be a new line of devices from the social network after launching AR glasses, Oculus Quest, and Portal

Facebook Smartwatch will feature a stainless-steel frame and 2 detachable cameras. The front camera is for video calling while the back camera can be used for capturing images and footage. It has a 1080p focus lens. The watch will come out in black, gold, and white editions. The platform is working with top wireless carriers in the US to support connectivity as the watch won’t need a phone pairing to work. It is also tapping other companies to create accessories for the camera hub like backpack attachment, etc. There’s also a possibility for the watch to read muscle controls for an interactive AR & VR experience. The idea is to encourage Facebook Smartwatch owners to use them as mobile devices. 

The coming of the Facebook Smartwatch was announced on 09 June 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Facebook Smartwatch is an innovation to the rising trend of AR & VR. For marketers, this is a new opportunity to gather user data via the Facebook platform. As such, Facebook Smartwatch can become a crucial element to the next stage of digital marketing.


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