Facebook Announces New Ways to Create Holiday Ads

We’re almost done with the year 2020, and Christmas is around the corner. To make businesses make the most of the season, Facebook announces new ways to create holiday ads. 

Facebook Announces New Ways to Create Holiday Ads

Instagram Ads with Product Tags

Tagging increases discovery and website traffic. Brands can use product tags on Instagram carousel, images, and videos. Recently, Instagram allows putting product tags through Live Streaming. As such, users can do Live Shopping. The latest update allows businesses to put product tags on Instagram ads.

New Audience Insights

Facebook also adds two audience tools. 

Shopping Engagement Custom Audiences helps businesses see people who:

  • Save a product
  • Try to buy a product
  • View a Shop

Brands can do retargeting through these insights. 

Shopping Lookalike Audiences display shoppers with the same interests as your existing Facebook and Instagram followers. These insights can help brands grow their customer base.

Discount Features for Shops

Facebook and Instagram Shops in the U.S. can now give discounts or set products on sale. Shoppers can avail of the promotion using a code provided by the Page. Brands need to set up the promotion via the Business Commerce Manager.

Season of Support

To top up the creative ways above, Facebook launches the Season of Support. This is a series of free online training from 30 October to 27 November 2020. Throughout this period, Facebook will be uploading guides, insights, and tips on how to boost sales during the holidays.

Implications for Marketers:

Facebook’s new ways to create holiday ads helps businesses accelerate their shift to the new normal. Product tags and Shops’ discounts can very well help boost sales during the holidays. Marketers should focus on creating content and banners for such types of features. It also helps to grow the market using lookalike audiences and retarget audiences through shopping engagement insights. Last, it may be worth giving time to learn new knowledge and skills through the “Season of Support.” With the rapid change s on Facebook and Instagram features, it pays to be updated with the trends.

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/introducing-season-of-support-holiday-marketing-training-and-products

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