Clubhouse updates roles to leaders and members

Clubhouse Updates Roles to Leaders and Members

The Clubhouse app is once again making noise! Just last week, the platform announced its opening to the public is no longer an invite-only app. It has also enabled backchannel messaging and partnered with TED for exclusive podcast content. Now that their doors are finally opened, Clubhouse updates roles to leaders and members.

Clubhouse admin

The Clubhouse app is an audio-based social media platform. It hit the spotlight after recording 13 million downloads despite being an invite-only app during its first year of launch. After opening its doors to the public, Clubhouse rolls out the following changes:

Clubhouse leader vs admin

Clubhouse roles


Clubhouse switches the relationship of its community from “Followers” to “Membership.” Admins of a club can choose to make membership “By Approval” or “Open.” Open membership automatically converts followers into members. While membership by approval needs an admin’s action to accept the membership request.

  1. Leaders

    The Clubhouse app is creating new roles to help admins manage their community. Club admins can now choose a trusted member and designate them as a leader. A leader can schedule an event or start a room. But they cannot edit club settings like names and memberships. All existing and new clubs on the Clubhouse app will update roles to leaders and members on 02 August 2021.

  2. Implications for Marketers: 

    As the Clubhouse app updates roles to leaders and members, it will be easier for admins to maintain clubs. For marketers, this is also a convenient way to manage the communities they have created in the app.


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