YouTube Updates Shorts Analytics

YouTube Updates Shorts Analytics

YouTube aims to support creators maximize their performances in the app. With Shorts, which are music clips that resembled TikTok, the Short ads on Google provide accurate insights to marketers. Today, YouTube updates Shorts analytics. YouTube’s updated Shorts analytics features new comparative tools in audiences and performance stats. It also enables updated resources for musicians and songwriters.

New Comparative Tools

YouTube updates the Sorts analytics design with more specific insights in the main app. These include:

  • Advanced audience behavior such as new and returning viewers
  • Default badges for channel memberships that appear as stars instead of letters

Updated Resources for Musicians and Songwriters

YouTube adds a songwriter’s mini-site. It is a space created for music producers, songwriters, and their teams to thrive on YouTube. The mini-site features a compilation of artist analytics, premieres, and Shorts. It also features a listing of top tracks on the app.

YouTube updates Shorts analytics on 06 July 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

The updated YouTube Shorts analytics can help marketers quickly get a snap of brand performances on YouTube. With comparative tools and new music additions, they can better create a YouTube strategy.


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