YouTube TV Now Has 5 Million Subscribers

YouTube TV Now Has 5 Million Subscribers

One unique feature of YouTube is CTV or Connected TV. Through a monthly subscription offering, it allows viewers to watch TV videos on gaming consoles, mobile devices, Smart televisions, web browsers, and other internet-connected devices. Recently, the platform expanded video ads to free TV. They give US viewers access to 100 new movies and shows every week. Today, YouTube TV now has 5 million subscribers.

YouTube TV started in 2017 as an alternative to the traditional option of pay TV in the US. Today, it constitutes 99.5% of American households. It is also globally available with 100 channels, featuring content offerings for the Spanish language, family plans, and unlimited cloud DVR space. Rising at 135 million viewers per month, YouTube TV reached the 5 million viewer milestone just today.

YouTube TV now has 5 million subscribers as of 12 July 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

As YouTube TV now has 5 million subscribers, marketers have more opportunities to target viewers via video ads. They can significantly boost engagement and sales among brands.


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