YouTube Tests New Engagement Graphs

Again, here is something new on YouTube Analytics! YouTube tests new engagement graphs. It is a similar experiment as the typical audience retention card. 

YouTube Engagement Graph

The announcement was made at YouTube’s Creator Insider channel by Abhinav Singh, a program manager of YouTube. Creators included under the experiment will see a graph under the red progress bar while scrubbing a video. Peaks on the engagement graphs mean parts of the video that has frequently been rewatched. While troughs on the engagement graphs mean parts of the video that has a low response.

YouTube’s engagement graphs will be available for desktop and mobile once officially rolled out. YouTube tests new engagement graphs on 06 October 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

YouTube’s engagement graphs can help creators identify interesting moments in their video content. For marketers, it can be a guide in creating campaigns that boost conversion and engagement. 


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