YouTube Analytics Introduces “Typical Audience Retention”

Here’s another improvement on YouTube Analytics (YTA)! YouTube Analytics introduces “Typical Audience Retention.” It is an improvement on the “Audience Retention” card, as noted by Alina Verbenchuk, Product Specialist on YouTube Analytics. Last September, YouTube added three new mobile studio metrics after lowering the eligibility threshold to community posting. These highlights new and returning viewers and top videos growing the audiences of a channel.

Daniel Walsh, a UX Designer on YouTube Analytics, discusses the “Typical Audience Retention” on YouTube’s Creator Insider channel. These new insights aim to help creators know what’s good and what’s bad about retention. They are the pattern that YouTube sees across various analytics and charts.

YouTube audience retention

Key Moments for Audience Retention

YouTube defines key moments as continuous segments, dips, intros, and spikes among video clips. These elements help creators find out what resonates with their viewers and what works in terms of content. Under the “Typical Audience Retention,” YouTube adds regular performance measures for each category. 

Support for Chapters

These are annotations showing the chapters of a YouTube video that has driven better response and retention. With the implementation of automated video chapters, they can guide creators more search capacities for video clips.

Top Moments

It seems that the concept of “Continuous Segment” on YouTube wasn’t always a clear name. As such, YouTube tweaked it into “Top Moments.” They are what YouTube sees as very engaging and successful moments of video content. YouTube also adds a little banner of recognition to celebrate a creator’s top moments.

YouTube Analytics introduces “Typical Audience Retention” on 01 October 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

YouTube’s “Typical Audience Retention” are valuable insights that can guide creators about the viewer’s performance of their video content. For marketers, they can also point directions on what video ads better result in audience engagement and retention.


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