YouTube Separates Analytics Per Content Types

YouTube Separates Analytics Per Content Types

Here’s good news for YouTube creators with multiple content formats! YouTube separates analytics per content type. Remember YouTube’s 2022 analytics goals. It aims to separate insights based on the number of video formats uploaded in a channel, the number of views for each format and video, the overlaps in audiences’ views, and the revenues earned for each content. Such a vision is now a reality.

First, YouTube removes the engagement and reach tab under the channel analytics. YouTube replaces it with the content tab, which comes together with the audience, research, and revenues tabs. The content tab houses separate analytics for all, videos, Shorts, live streams, and posts. It can help creators check the performance of a single content in each format. The “All” tab can help them compare across all formats. YouTube will roll out the update for all creators in the coming week. It will apply to all Android, Desktop, and iOS apps of the YouTube Studio.

YouTube separates analytics per content type on 19 May 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

YouTube’s separate analytics per content type can be very helpful for marketers to assess the performance of each video ad format. They can provide more insights on how each format can better help improve a YouTube channel.


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