YouTube Podcasts Go Live

YouTube Podcasts Go Live

They say audio marketing is the new future. That is why YouTube also ventured into audio ads and podcasts. Today, YouTube Podcasts go live.

YouTube Podcasts Go Live

The link YouTube․com/podcasts has been under construction since March. Today, it goes live as a tab on the Explore Page alongside Fashion & Beauty, Gaming, Learning, Live, Music, Movies & Shows, News, Sports, and Trending. Users can expand the tab in different sections, such as:

  • Popular Episodes
  • Popular Podcast Creators
  • Popular Podcast Playlists
  • Recommended
  • Several Categories, including Comedy, Music, Sports, True Crime, TV & Film

YouTube Podcasts go live on 20 August 2022 and are available on both desktop and mobile.

Implications to Marketers:

As YouTube Podcasts go live, the platform aims to optimize its usage. For marketers, podcasts can be a new way to promote products and services through a different YouTube experience.


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