YouTube Launches Shorts Shelf

Recently, YouTube’s CEO announced its 2022 priorities. One of these priorities are is Shorts, a Tiktok clone featuring music clips that last for 60 seconds. With the feature’s expansion to more regions and the Shorts fund, YouTube has now launched a Shorts Shelf.

YouTube Shorts Shelf

Shorts shelf displays on the desktop version of YouTube channel listing. It will be a separate section showing a list of the latest Shorts trends and uploads. In line with the said update, YouTube enables custom video-on-demand thumbnails, gender listing on analytics, and mobile editing.

YouTube launches Shorts shelf on 16 February 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

Shorts shelf is a great way for creators to showcase their YouTube Shorts. For marketers, it can be another opportunity to launch a Shorts campaign. With an amassed 5 trillion views, brands can never go wrong leaning on such a video ad format.


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