YouTube Encourages More Respectful Interactions and Updates Creator Payment

YouTube Encourages More Respectful Interactions and Updates Creator Payment

Every social media platform wants to promote more respectful interactions. YouTube’s 2022 focus includes the protection of its creators, partners, and viewers. The platform enabled comment management, timed comments, and message filters. Today, YouTube encourages more respectful interactions by the expansion of offensive comment warnings. YouTube also updates creator payment.

YouTube comment alerts

Expansion of Offensive Comments Warning

YouTube encourages more respectful interactions by expanding offensive comment warnings to desktop viewers. They were initially launched by the platform last January for Android and iOS YouTube users. It is a pop-up message encouraging viewers to check if their comments meet YouTube’s community guidelines.

Potentially offensive comments will also appear on a Creator’s comments for review. The creator will have the final decision whether to approve, hide, or report each of these comments. Creators can also choose to hide the comments on the review tab if they do not want to see the comments at all. Currently, YouTube is working on “text-based spam comments.” It will allow a creator to block keywords, phrases, URLs, or users within the comment section.

YouTube payments

Updates on Creator Payment

Starting today, a separate tab will appear on Google AdSense showing a creator’s YouTube earnings. YouTube and AdSense are now integrated into a single payment account. Once the combined earning hits $100, it will automatically be disbursed. A creator’s payment account will also show in AdSense but it is purely cosmetics.

YouTube encourages more respectful interactions and updates creator payment on 02 March 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

More respectful interactions on YouTube mean more credibility and a good reputation for a brand. Marketers will have a better opportunity to offer valuable video content to influence the viewers’ buying experience.


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