YouTube Enables Shorts on CTV

YouTube Enables Shorts on CTV

YouTube wants to boost viewing vertical videos. That is why the platform now focuses on improving CTV ad solutions and vertical video ads. Today, YouTube enables Shorts on CTV.

YouTube Enables Shorts on CTV

YouTube Shorts are 60-second vertical music clips like TikTok. They have been a hit among mobile users. As YouTube aims to boost vertical video usage, it now enables viewing Shorts via CTV. Protocol, a tech media company, unravels a leak about a mock-up slide presentation from a partner event of Google. It showed a YouTube vertical video at the center of the screen with an up-and-down thumb off to the side. The vertical video is actually a Shorts frame over CTV. 

YouTube enables Shorts on CTV as of 23 August 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

As YouTube enables Shorts on CTV, it gives marketers more opportunities to invest in short-form video content. Integrating Shorts ads with CTV can boost brand awareness and reach.


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