YouTube Enables Mobile Data Story

YouTube Enables Mobile Data Story

YouTube aims to help brands and creators better understand their channel performance. As such, the platform launched analytics per content type and a video activity graph. Today, YouTube enables “mobile data story.”

YouTube Enables Mobile Data Story

On YouTube’s weekly news flash, Conor Kavanagh, YouTube’s Ads Policy Manager, announces the update. He mentions YouTube’s mobile data story experiment. YouTube understands that there are tons of metrics available on YouTube Analytics, making it complex and hard to piece together. The mobile data story card will show if their viewership is dipping. It will also recommend ways to improve it.

YouTube enables “mobile data story” on 08 June 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

YouTube’s mobile data story can help marketers better understand data and performance. By being reminded that viewership is dipping, a brand can initiate a new strategy to boost channel views.


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