YouTube Enables Display and Video 360

YouTube Enables Display and Video 360

YouTube’s gaming console and TV offerings are getting stronger. Last December 2020, around 120 million people in the US watched TV streams on the platform. That is why YouTube starts focusing on improving its Connected TV (CTV) offerings. Some improvements are its expansion to new sports channels and the 4K plus package. As CTV data started to appear on YouTube analytics, it also enables display and video 360

YouTube’s display and video 360 can help advertisers and creators forecast the reach of their audio and CTV campaigns. Such insight tools highlight the following features.

  • Audio Mixer. As audio podcasts and music festivals became a hit, YouTube adds an audio mixer tool on the Ads Creative Studio. This aims to help tailor audio ads efficiently and quickly. With drag-and-drop editing features, it allows the assembling of multi-track audios. 
  • Sales Lift Measurement. Through Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS), YouTube enables measurement of the sales impact and lift of CTV ads. These include percentage sales lift, return on ad spend, and total incremental sales. 
  • Similar Audiences for CTV Devices. This can help find Connected TV viewers with the same attributes as a channel’s existing followers. What’s better is that the tool allows picking a video from an inventory of genres, length, and live stream content.

YouTube enables display and video 360 on 26 July 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

YouTube’s display and video 360 open up new opportunities for a marketing approach. While audio, gaming, and CTV may not be an essential element of YouTube marketing, their growing usage means a higher potential for connection and engagement.


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