YouTube Enables Comments Panel and Teaser on Desktop

YouTube Enables Comments Panel and Teaser on Desktop

Commenting is a great way to engage with others while checking a post or watching a video. On YouTube, comments are extremely important in building a community of viewers. As such, the platform enabled customizable comments on Super Thanks, new comment management guidelines, offensive comments warnings, and timed comments. Today, YouTube enables comments panels and teasers on the desktop.

YouTube’s Ads Policy Manager, Conor Kavanagh announces the update in YouTube’s weekly news flash. Previously, the comments panel is only available on the Android and iOS apps of YouTube. For a YouTube desktop app, the comments section appears below the video section. To improve the commenting experience, YouTube now enables a comment teaser for Android, desktop, and iOS apps. When clicked, a comments panel will appear for viewers to continue watching the video while scrolling the comments. 

YouTube enables comments panel and teaser on desktop as of 24 May 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

Comments panel ad teaser on YouTube allows viewers to watch videos while scrolling down on the comment section. They can help marketers boost engagement by conversing with the audiences about their queries on the video ads. 


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