YouTube Enables Auto-Chapter Search

Next to Google, YouTube is the 2nd most used app online. A majority of people go to YouTube not only to search for videos. The largest global video-sharing platform is also a place where they search for products and services. That is why YouTube is making continuous improvements on its auto-caption tools. These included automatic clips segmentation, hashtag search, and video chapter search. Today, YouTube enables auto-chapter search on mobile.

YouTube chapters

Previously, only creator-defined chapter searches are available on YouTube mobile. Starting today, auto chapters will become a source of metadata in searches made on mobile. Auto chapters will only appear in searches if creator-defined chapters are unavailable. Creators can always opt out to use automatic video chapters. They can do so under the channel or video level settings of YouTube Creator Studio.

YouTube enables auto-chapter search on 20 October 2021

Implications for Marketers: 

YouTube enables auto-chapter search because it wants to make sure that relevant search results are provided to the users. keyword queries. For marketers, it can be a significant boost to the reach of YouTube ads and campaigns.


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