YouTube Updates Its Studio Dashboard and Audience Insights

There are 2 billion YouTube users worldwide. With the increase in online video consumption, YouTube now aims to help creators better connect to the audiences. The platform wants to equip them with more analytics and tools to monetize content. As such, YouTube updates its Studio Dashboard and Audience Insights.

The updates were announced by Creator Insider, YouTube’s experimental channel of its tech support.

First, YouTube is bringing recently published videos to the Studio Dashboard. They will also soft launch Other Videos Your Audience Watched. Second, YouTube will be adding Audience Retention Data to Audience Insights. This experiment aims to provide data on where the viewers are focusing on. These updates apply to Creators who have at least 20 uploaded videos each with 100 views.

YouTube updates its Studio Dashboard and Audience Insights as of 15 July 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Around 8 in 10 marketers consider YouTube as their video marketing platform. The new updates can help marketers understand the audience better. They can figure out where interest is dropping and peaking. These can help brands potentially refine a YouTube page. By knowing the audiences’ sweet spot, marketers can create content similar to where the users are focusing.


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