YouTube Adds Dark mode and Hashtags to Its Studio Dashboard

Calling all YouTube creators! Here are some more updates from the video-sharing platform. After introducing a new look on its Creator’s website and the 4k plus packages on YouTube TV, it now adds dark mode and hashtags to its studio dashboard.

YouTube Studio Dark Mode

YouTube’s dark mode is now available among creators using the desktop version. Creators can enable the dark theme via YouTube Studio settings. The dark mode option is a highly requested feature in the platform. Its passionate supporters can now enjoy a fresh new feel that looks easier in the eye. 

YouTube hashtag suggestions

YouTube also enables the hashtag auto-complete suggestions. During the video editing process, a list of hashtags will show based on entered texts. The list shows suggested hashtags that you may be looking to add together with some insights about them.

Together with these two major updates, YouTube also launches an updated real-time insight via the Android and iOS apps. 

YouTube adds dark mode and hashtags to its studio dashboard on 11 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

YouTube’s dark mode and hashtags make it better and easier to publish content on the platform. For marketers, they can help in the discovery of new hashtags to boost the reach of YouTube video ads. While the real-time insights can help them better decide on their future marketing plans.


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