A New Look on YouTube’s Creator Website

A New Look on YouTube’s Creator Website

YouTube is determined to lure creators towards the platform. The platform recently launched a series of new monetization tools. These include creator fundingshorter video ads, and Super Thanks. Today, here’s a new look on YouTube’s Creator website.

YouTube Creators site

The new look on YouTube’s Creator website provides key elements on how to build a YouTube community and turn passions into opportunities. It houses three sections: “Welcome Creators,” “How Things Work,” and “Top Questions.”

Welcome Creators

The “Welcome Creators” section builds a stage for creators to get started in telling ideas, stories, and visions on YouTube. It also lays down YouTube’s guidelines for good, noting that the platform has no room for hate and harassment. 

How Things Work

“How Things Work” features everything a creator needs to know about YouTube – from Shorts to monetization tools and growing your channel. It also features programs and initiatives that the platform supports. 

Top Questions

“Top Questions” is an FAQ section about case studies and guides answering the most common queries raised by creators.

A new look on YouTube’s Creator website rolls out on 04 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

The new look on YouTube’s Creator website is something worth looking at among marketers. It provides good info and insights in building a YouTube community and presence.


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