You Can Now Pin Comments to Your Post on Instagram

Users can now pin up to three comments on their posts on Instagram. Instagram first announced that they were testing this feature last May, and Instagram’s VP of Product, Vishal Shah, confirmed that they had finally launched this feature on 8 July, 2020. Vishal Shah took to Twitter to announce the news.

You Can Now Pin Comments to Your Post on Instagram
Photo from @vishalshahis Twitter account

This new feature is designed to foster a more positive environment on Instagram, as users can pick which comments to highlight or feature for each post. This is part of Instagram’s attempts to give users more control over their interactions across the platform. It is currently available to all Instagram users across the globe.

In theory, pinned comments are supposed to steer conversation or discourse towards a more positive direction, but it is unknown if it would actually be a deterrent for negative comments. Users might be able to see the pinned comments and think twice about their own comments or they might even change their mind altogether. However, it is still too early to see the full extent of the pros and cons of the new feature.

There is also a risk of a brand hiding more critical comments, but all in all, it is a brand’s responsibility to take accountability for its platform and the way it serves and caters to others. The new feature could make for a more interesting means of discussion within Instagram comment threads.

Implications for Marketers:

A brand would now be able to highlight its most glowing reviews in the comments section, which could inspire other users to patronize the brand. Marketers can also analyze the type of content that gets the most positive feedback to refine and develop marketing strategies for brands.


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