Instagram Updates and Launches Business Tools on the App

On 20 December 2019, Instagram announced that it has launched new features and updates. The five new updates and features can allow businesses to control preferences and monitor activity.

Instagram Updates and Launches Business Tools on the App
Source: Instagram

Growth Insights

For Growth Insights, brands can check which posts receive engagement that may increase follower rates. Brands can also know follower changes every day or week.

Stories About You

Instagram enabled businesses and brands to see an aggregate view of Stories mentions or tags. Brands and business can view insights as a story.

Age Gating

Businesses can set an age limit on their Instagram page and published content. Businesses or brands can set a global age limit or country-specific one.

Flexible Profile Displays

Instagram introduced a new feature wherein businesses or brands can show or hide their contact details and their category on their Instagram page.

Secondary Inbox

Businesses can view two inboxes for the messages they receive (general and primary). It’s a way for businesses to organize and view their messages.
Implications for Brand Marketers
Brand marketers can use Growth Insights and Stories About You to get an idea of how their brands are doing in social media. That way, they can create content that may increase engagement.

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