WhatsApp Pilots a Local Business Directory

Facebook is keen on making WhatsApp a critical component among its family of apps. The platform continuously enabled new features and tools on the multi-messaging app. These include archiving chats, data portability, disappearing photos and videos, end-to-end encryption, and joinable group calls. Today, WhatsApp pilots a local business directory.

WhatsApp Business Directory example

The pilot test of WhatsApp’s local business directory is now under live testing in some neighborhoods in São Paulo, Brazil. It will help WhatsApp users find contact information about local businesses such as coffee shops, clothing stores, florists, services, and more. To access the local business directory, users only need to tap the “Businesses Nearby” option on their WhatsApp’s main screen. 

WhatsApp pilots a local business directory on 15 September 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

WhatsApp’s local business directory is a move to bolster eCommerce within the platform. For marketers, this can be a new way to start the buying process within the multi-messaging app.

Reference: https://www.reuters.com/article/whatsapp-business/whatsapp-launches-test-of-in-app-business-directory-idUKL1N2QH0U1 

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