WhatsApp Enables Disappearing Photos and Videos on Chats

Today, you can make your private moments disappear after a single view on WhatsApp. That platform recognizes the importance of photos and videos in people’s lives. But it also knows that not everything shared should become a permanent digital record. As such, WhatsApp enables disappearing photos and videos on chats. This is besides the recently enabled archive options and privacy policy update.

WhatsApp users who wish to send private moments and sensitive photos and videos such as accounts or WiFi passwords, quick reactions, trying on new clothes at the store, etc., can now use the “View Once” feature. Simply click the 1-time icon at the “add caption tab” of the chat to do so. The receiver of the photo or video will see the 1-time icon and can enable a one-time view if preferred. All “View Once” media on WhatsApp use end-to-end encryption. 

WhatsApp enables disappearing photos and videos on chats as of 03 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

WhatsApp’s disappearing photos and videos on chats enhance privacy protection among its users. For marketers, this can be a creative way to create excitement among their target audiences. Using such a magical feature can entice people to inquire more about a brand’s offering.


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