WhatsApp Enables New Privacy Tools

WhatsApp Enables New Privacy Tools

Privacy is one of the most unique features that WhatsApp offers. The platform now offered multiple duration of disappearing messages for up to 2 days and12 hours. That is besides end-to-end encryption and privacy policy updates. Today, WhatsApp enables new privacy tools.

WhatsApp Enables New Privacy Tools

Choose Who Can See You Online

WhatsApp enables restricting or switching off the online status of an account. Users can choose who can see them online with the following options:

  • Contacts
  • Everyone
  • My Contacts Except
  • Nobody

It allows users to keep their privacy while checking messages online and prevent unwanted interactions.

WhatsApp Enables New Privacy Tools

Leave Groups Silently

WhatsApp now allows leaving a group chat (GC) without a notification. Other members of the GC will know you left the group, but they will not be alerted about it.

WhatsApp Enables New Privacy Tools

Screenshot Blocking

Recently, WhatsApp rolled out the “View Once” option. It is a powerful way to share digital through messaging. Today, the platform enables screenshot blocking for “View Once” messages. It can be an extra layer of privacy protection from unwanted messages.

WhatsApp enables new privacy tools on 09 August 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

WhatsApp’s new privacy tools are an enhancement of the platform’s existing security measures. It can give marketers better chances to connect with their target audiences through relevant, secure, and valuable creative messaging.

Reference: https://blog.whatsapp.com/new-features-for-more-privacy-more-protection-more-control

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