WhatsApp Enables Communities

WhatsApp Enables Communities

Last September 2021, WhatsApp piloted a local business directory. It is a “Businesses Nearby” option on WhatsApp’s main screen that allows finding contact information for local businesses. After enabling new voice messaging features, WhatsApp now enables communities.

WhatsApp Enables Communities

WhatsApp communities is a new group chat function. The platform has noted that many organizations now rely on group chats in their daily communications. With a range of new tools including emoji reactions, file sharing, group audio calls, etc., such a new feature can make it easier to communicate via WhatsApp group chats. Each community on WhatsApp includes a description and sub-groups that members can choose to join. They are also E2E encrypted for safety and security.

WhatsApp enables communities on 14 April 2022.

Implications for Marketers: 

WhatsApp communities can be new ways for marketers to connect with the segmented groups of their target audiences. They can facilitate brand discovery and loyalty among followers.

Reference: https://blog.whatsapp.com/

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