Twitter Updates Its Privacy Information Policy

Apple’s early announcement on the implementation of IDFA made Twitter and other social media platforms shift to removing third-party cookies. 

Last October 2020, Twitter changed its privacy and safety settings. It aimed to allow more control among the Twitter nation. It was followed by an updated version of privacy help resources. Last July, Twitter started testing privacy alerts and check-ins. In September, the platform also tested new privacy tools. Today, Twitter updates its privacy information policy.

Twitter’s new privacy tools aim to strictly enforce the misuse of private information among its users. It now includes “private media” as part of private information. Private media includes any image or video uploaded by a private account on Twitter. It means that no one is allowed to share them without the permission of the original uploader. 

When Twitter receives a report about a tweet containing unauthorized private media, it will take action in line with the updated privacy policy information. These include hiding a tweet, limiting tweet visibility, or tweet removal. In extreme cases, a Twitter account may also be banned or suspended. 

Twitter updates its privacy information policy on 30 November 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter’s updated privacy information policy is a clear move to protect ad creatives on the platform. For marketers, it gives them a better chance to boost engagement and sales through images and videos that Twitter values as branded. 


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