Twitter Is Testing Privacy Alerts and Check-in Settings

Privacy and safety are what everyone wants in their social media accounts. This both goes to the social media platform and its users. At Twitter, their team is doing everything to provide a private space and a safe experience. The platform rolled out mention controls, security keys, and warning alerts on misinformation. It also started profile verification but was put to a halt due to an uncontrolled number of requests. Today, Twitter is testing privacy alerts and check-in settings. Twitter’s Product Designer, Lena Emara, announces the updates on her Twitter account.

Twitter privacy update

Privacy Check-In 

Twitter is planning to add a new privacy check-in tab. It features different ways for users to choose who they can interact with. There are currently 4 privacy settings available:

  • Feeling Open?
  • Feeling More Selective?
  • Approve Everything?
  • Wanna Customize?

Each privacy setting contains a brief explanation of its impact on a Twitter account.

Twitter privacy update

Privacy Controls

Twitter also enables controlling who can find you within the platform. The new privacy controls allow users to hide or show their email addresses and phone numbers connected to the account. It also notifies account holders if someone searches for their username.

Twitter privacy update

Reply Alerts

A Twitter account set to private may not display the account’s reply to other Twitter profiles. With the new update, a user will receive a reply prompt that he or she may need to set his or her account as public for the reply to be seen by the concerned party. Furthermore, users can set a time limit on their privacy settings if they want friends to discover them within a specific time frame.

Twitter privacy update

Switching Accounts

Switching accounts in one Twitter app can now be clearer and easier. By putting the name, handle, and privacy status of the account holder, people can better avoid tweeting on the wrong account. 

Twitter is testing privacy alerts and check-in settings on 06 July 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter’s privacy alerts and check-in settings are a great way to keep tweeting safe and remove unwanted experiences. For marketers, these tools can be very helpful in building a brand’s reputation within the community. Getting a better understanding of Twitter’s privacy alerts and check-in settings means getting more control in managing a Twitter account.


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