Twitter Tests New Privacy Tools

Twitter tests new privacy tools. The move aims to provide a better Twitter experience. The platform also focuses on making it easier for the Twitter nation to control and protect its accounts. 

Bloomberg recently reported the new privacy tools being tested by Twitter. These are tools related to what Twitter calls “social privacy.” Social Privacy is how users control and manage the identities and reputations of their Twitter profiles. Included in the list of new privacy tools that Twitter is testing are:

  • Archived tweets. Besides Collection Folders, where Twitter users can organize and save tweets per category, the platform may let users hide old tweets within a set amount of time. These can be within 330, 60, 90, or 365 days. When a user hides a tweet, it will only be visible to the account holder. Archived tweets are still in the concept phase. 
  • Leave this Conversation. Twitter is testing this option to allow users to remove themselves from unwanted conversations or messages. Under this option, only the author of the tweet can choose who to mention.
  • Privacy Controls. Twitter is now testing sharing tweets with selected audiences. Users can choose to share tweets between 3 options – everyone, only their followers, or a selected group. Alternatively, a user can also hide the tweets they’ve liked.
  • Removing a Specific Audience. Currently, you can only remove a follower on Twitter by blocking the follower’s account. But recently, Twitter is testing to remove specific audiences on a tweet itself.

Twitter researchers found out that most members of the Twitter nation do not understand the basic privacy settings on the platform. As such, it limits self-expression. The new privacy tools do not only focus on account protection. Instead, it also encourages more engagement on Twitter. 

Twitter tests new privacy tools as of 02 September 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter’s new privacy tools give better control over a Twitter account. For marketers, such a positive experience can encourage more engagement within the Twitter nation. More engagement means more reach among Twitter brands, which also means more chances of conversions.


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