Twitter Updates Privacy and Safety Settings

Today, Twitter has 330 million monthly active users. This makes the platform an ideal social media marketing option. It has been rolling out significant updates recently. The audio clips on tweets, comment warnings, and new list options provide a better experience for both audiences and brands. To allow more control and security among users, Twitter updates its privacy and safety settings. Twitter’s updates on its privacy and safety settings include:

Audience and Tagging

“Audience and Tagging” are new features of Twitter’s privacy settings. Users can now control what people see about them. They can set their account as private or control who can tag them in a photo. 

Click Off-Twitter Activity

“Click Off-Twitter Activity” is a new feature under data preferences. Users can now customize how their information is shared. They can choose to share it across the web or personalized sharing based on their preferred activity.

Content You See

“Content You See” is a new feature under media settings. Users can now have more control over what they see on their timeline. They can now filter content based on interest and topics.

Direct Messages Filters

DM settings now feature filters. Users can opt to receive a message from anyone or filter out unwanted messages.

Discoverability and Contacts

Twitter account settings now feature discoverability and contacts. Users can opt to display either their email address, phone number, or both for people to easily discover their accounts.

Twitter updates its privacy and safety settings on 15 October 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter’s updates on its privacy and security settings make it easier for users to control and understand their accounts. For marketers, these updates can help them better communicate a brand’s identity. The data preference feature allows campaign visibility on selected platforms. As such, it will make an ad more powerful among a targeted segment. Discoverability and contacts can also increase brand awareness and engagement. By displaying an email address and phone number on the account, it will be easier to locate a brand on Twitter. Others may be small updates but they provide a simpler Twitter experience.


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