Twitter Updates Its Performance Advertising Measurements

Twitter aims to help brands and businesses thrive within Twitter communities. The platform rolled out new analytic tools and the flock feature for collaboration. It also published a 2022 marketing calendar and the best Twitter ads and campaigns. Today, Twitter updates its performance advertising measurements.

The updates on Twitter’s performance advertising measurements focus on three categories. These are the following:

  • Aggregated Measurement
  • Events Manager
  • Site Visit Optimization

Aggregated Measurement

Twitter Ads Manager will now show an aggregated measurement of conversion events and site metrics. The streamlined interface will provide general data by Ad Group at the campaign level. It will also provide device type data at the placement level. These insights to users’ actions aim to somehow replace the loss of third-party information.

Events Manager

Twitter’s Events Manager will now become the centralized hub for managing associated web-based conversion events and website tags. These insights better track and utilize site visitors’ data.

Site Visit Optimization

Twitter renames the “Website Clicks and Conversion” objective into “Website Traffic.” Under the “Website Traffic” objective, a new “Site Visit Optimization” goal was added. Using Twitter website tags, you can track users’ actions on an advertiser’s website. It can help find audiences that are most likely to visit your website.

Twitter updates its performance advertising measurements on 25 January 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

As Twitter updates its performance advertising measurements, it facilitates a new level of performance insights for marketers. These can guide them to a more successful Twitter marketing approach.


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