Twitter Introduces the “Flock” Feature

Twitter is now experimenting with group and collaboration features. Recently, the platform enabled a celebrities campaign. It also introduced communities as an alternate timeline. It also allowed reply controls for everyone, anyone you follow, or those you have mentioned. Today, Twitter introduces the “flock” feature.

Twitter Flock

Twitter’s “flock” feature will allow users to share a tweet with a specific group of people. Users can choose up to 150 people to add to each flock. Once the user shares a tweet with the flock, only the members of the flock get alerted and view it. A flock marker will appear on the tweet to show that it is a private flock tweet. If you remove a member from the flock, the removed member will not be notified.

Twitter introduces the “flock” feature on 21 January 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter’s “flock” feature can be a great way for marketers to segment their target audiences. It can boost engagement by opening up common topics of interest among groups.  


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