Twitter Tests Removing Followers without Blocking Them

One major focus of Twitter nowadays is account privacy and security. The platform has been testing different privacy tools. These include archiving tweets, leave this conversation, removing a specific audience on tweets, and safety mode. Today, Twitter tests removing followers without blocking them.

Remove followers on Twitter example

Twitter’s first live test of removing specific followers without blocking them is now live among desktop users. Under the “Followers” display, a new option to “Remove this follower” will show. The follower you remove on your Twitter profile will not be notified about the action. But they still can re-follow your account in the future.

Twitter tests removing followers without blocking them on 07 September 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Removing Twitter followers without blocking them provides a less intrusive way to disengaged from unwanted interaction. It makes it easier for marketers to do follower audits and improve their audience analytics. 


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