Twitter Tests Option to Remove Specific Followers as Audience

Twitter is continuously strengthening its account security. It has enabled privacy alerts, security keys, selective tweet sharing, and tweet reply control. Today, Twitter tests the option to remove specific followers as an audience. 

Twitter remove followers

Twitter is testing the “Remove this follower” option to easily remove a specific follower as your audience. It is a light way of distancing yourself from another account. The function is available to both the main tweet feed and user profile. Once you remove a follower from your Twitter account, they will stop seeing your tweets. Though, they can still look at your profile and re-follow you as they wish. 

Twitter tests option to remove specific followers as an audience on 09 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter’s new option to remove specific followers is not a significant update. But it can help users filter their followers easier. For marketers, this option can be beneficial when targeting a lookalike audience. It may be easy to remove a Twitter profile that is not relevant to a target group. 


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