Twitter Tests New Ad Formats

Twitter Tests New Ad Formats

Twitter is now making feeds more commercial. After the platform published a 1-page checklist for ads, it enabled multi-destination carousel ads and Twitter ads on tweet conversations. Today, Twitter tests new ad formats.

Twitter Collection Ads

Collection Ads

Collection ads allow brands and businesses to display up to 5 images to accompany a primary focus image. The primary focus image remains static. Viewers can browse the thumbnails horizontally to view the other images. Each image can direct viewers to different landing pages.

Twitter Interactive Text Ads

Interactive Text

An interactive text ad appears in bold and large typeface. Brands and businesses can highlight three words and connect them to landing pages. When a Twitter user clicks a highlighted word, they will be directed to the landing page chosen by the brand or business. The highlights are available in 10 colors.

Twitter Product Explorer Ads

Product Explorer

For the first time on Twitter, product explorer showcases products in 3D. Viewers can rotate and swipe the product to see it from different angles. A shop button appears on the ads leading the viewer directly to the brand or business website once clicked.

Currently, Bose, Lexus, and New Balance are piloting collection ads and product explorers. The new ad formats will initially be available among Twitter users in the U.S. Twitter tests new ad formats on 31 March 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter’s new ad formats are innovative solutions that can help marketers boost conversion, sales, and website traffic.


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