Twitter Announces Some DM Improvements

Some DM improvements are coming on Twitter! This is after testing the “Leave this Conversation” option, removing a specific audience on a tweet,  and reply controls

Twitter DM update

First, Twitter now allows sharing of tweets across multiple direct messages (DMs). A user can share a tweet to 20 different DMs all at the same time. It makes group DM easier to navigate.

Second, in Twitter for desktop and iOS, instead of a group DM, users can share a tweet separately up to 20 times. 

Third, a quick scroll button will now be visible when a user scrolls a chat. Tapping the said button could take the user to the latest message within the convo.

Fourth, users can react to a message using two options – double tap and long press. Doing any of the two options allows a user to add a reaction from the reaction picker menu.

Last, Twitter now groups messages by date to lessen conversation clutter. It will now be easier to scan these messages minus the time stamp. 

Twitter announces some DM improvements on 19 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter’s DM improvements make messaging easier to navigate within the platform. For marketers, these options can be used to answer similar client queries all at the same time. By making tweets easier to share among groups, they can be a perfect tool for a product or service launch.


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