Twitter Tests Clipping of Spaces

Twitter Tests Clipping of Spaces

It seems that Twitter considers Spaces as their best asset. Spaces are Twitter’s Clubhouse clone, allowing audio-only conversations. After a month of testing Spaces on virtual rooms, it was launched last 02 March 2021. Twitter then enabled the recording of Spaces. Today, Twitter tests clipping of Spaces.

Twitter Tests Clipping of Spaces

Twitter is currently testing the clipping of Spaces to a small group of iOS hosts. It allows them to clip and share 30-second audio from recorded Spaces. The link of the full Space recording will appear on than clip once shared via tweets. Moving forward, Twitter is working to make the clipping of Spaces available on Android and desktop.

Twitter tests clipping of Spaces on 18 March 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

Clipping of Twitter Spaces can provide ways for marketers to generate more content and expand interests in audio broadcasts. Spaces clips can be a good teaser to tweet about a product launch or promotion.


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