Facebook Released a Series of Customizable Templates for Stories Ads

With the ongoing success and popularity of Stories in the social media platforms handled by Facebook, the social media company rolled out on 16 October 2019 a new feature to help companies in the creation of their ad content. Stories ads across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger will now have customizable templates available for brands using the Ads Manager. Although companies are encouraged to use their content for their Stories Ads, not all brands have the resources to make the content more appealing and creative. With the update, Facebook aims to provide brands with creative options and simplify the process.
To use the feature, brands just need to upload photos and videos to Ads Manager, then choose from several layouts available. They can then tweak the background colors, text, and cropping to customize the design according to the brand style or taste.
Facebook Released a Series of Customizable Templates for Stories Ads
With Stories templates, Facebook aims to get more value from ordinary ad photos and videos. The social media company also aims to help brands save resources and provide opportunities to expand their reach and deliver their brand messages in new and creative ways.
Implications for Brand Marketers
As was mentioned, the newly developed templates are an opportunity for marketers to get more value from the Stories Ads feature in social media. Marketers should look into testing different styles and templates which users respond to. Marketers should expect more designs and updates, which will give its business more opportunities to become more creative and clear with their brand story.

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