Twitter Deals with Amazon to Power Feeds

A giant leap was made by Twitter today as it deals with Amazon to power feeds. Amazon Web Services (AWS) officially announced its partnership with Twitter this 15 December 2020.

Twitter enters into a multi-year partnership with AWS to scale up its real-time services. Last November 2019, Twitter slowed down the rollout of Fleets just two days after its official launching. AWS is a top cloud infrastructure leader with a 33% global market share. With such a partnership, Twitter will be using AWS capabilities in computing, security, and storage. Both parties are looking forward to a faster launch of new features and tools. 

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter’s partnership with Amazon Web Services is a clear push to leverage the platform to eCommerce. With the rise of digital stores and online shopping, Twitter has to keep up with the trend. For marketers, this can be a great option to leverage Twitter marketing. They need to keep watch and understand how to do so as the platform rolls out new features and tools.


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