Twitter Reforms Its “Explore” Tab

Twitter is keen on getting people to use the platform more. Today, the platform reforms its “Explore” tab. After updating its visual editor, it now aims to help people discover the best of tweets and trending chats

Twitter Explore feed

The reform is under testing by several Twitter users in the English language globally. It applies to both Android and iOS. A Twitter user that is included in the test will see the reformatted “Explore” tab in a full-screen and vertical scrolling format. The display is exactly like the Stories and TikTok format. 

Twitter reforms its “Explore” tab on 08 December 2021

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter’s reformatted “Explore” tab is a better way to discover new content. For marketers, it can boost the discovery of Twitter ads and campaigns together with the platform’s new analytics tools.


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