Twitter Updates Its Visual Editor

Visual is one element that Twitter needs to work on. The microblogging platform does not have an advanced media editor to liven up tweets. Besides, its limited character count restraints long messages. That is why the platform continues to find ways to resolve such issues.

First off, Twitter is working on a tweetstorm. It allows a thread of tweet replies. Last September, the platform started testing a tool that allows adding animated stickers and custom backgrounds on tweets. Today, Twitter updates its visual editor.

Twitter visual editing update

Twitter’s visual editor can give tweets a glow-up. The tool enables users to add a sticker, crop an image, style texts, etc., on tweets. When it comes to enhancement, Twitter has taken the key elements of Fleets to create a full image display

Twitter updates its visual editor on 08 November 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter’s new visual editor is another shift from the platform to level up creatives. For marketers, it may dictate a change in approach to Twitter ads and campaigns. Adding visuals can make them more engaging and boosts a brand’s Twitter revenue.


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