Twitter Boosts Spaces Discovery Via Trending Chats

Live audio rooms are now a thing on Twitter. Since the platform globally launched Spaces, it surpasses the use of audio tweets and quotes tweets. Spaces are Twitter’s Clubhouse clone. They are live audio rooms of conversations about anything under the sun. Ongoing Spaces are visible on the Explore tab of Twitter. Today, Twitter boosts Spaces discovery via trending chats.

Trending Chats is another popular tab on the microblogging social media site. It features the latest news and trends around the world. It also features viral issues that are recently in the spotlight. Starting today, whenever a Space convo starts, its Space card will be displayed both on the Explore and Trending Chat tabs for iOS users. Soon, it will also be rolled out among Twitter Android users.

Twitter boosts Spaces discovery via trending chats on 27 October 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Boosting Spaces discovery via trending chats is a clever move for Twitter. Marketers can take advantage of such exposures by using audio marketing strategies on their Twitter ads and campaigns. It may be worth tapping into Spaces to boost engagement and reach.


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