Twitter Announces 2021 Best of Tweets Awards

Every year, Twitter crowns the best tweets that made the Twitter nation cry, laugh, retweet, and reply. Last October, the platform opened up the best of tweets nominations. They aim to celebrate the best tweet campaigns. Some of the most preferred topics are #CREATIVITY, #CUSTOMER, #GROWTH, #IMPACT, #LIVE, #PROMOTE, and #SCALE. Today, Twitter announces the 2021 best of tweets awards.


Disney is the most tweeted about brand awardee. Despite the challenges of lockdowns and social distancing, it manages to big Twitter exclusives and promotions this year.  


McDonald’s takes the “Best Brand Overall Presence” award. Its BTS and celebrity meals campaigns allow the brand to become the forefront of Twitter conversations. 

Nick Jr

Nick Jr receives the most popular brand tweet award. Nick’s feel-good and uplifting tweets have resonated strongly among kids who grew up watching him on Blue’s Clues and among millennials. 


Nintendo is the most tweeted brand of the year. The award can be credited to the 91 million gaming fans on Twitter.  


Oreo bagged the best campaign to creatively push the envelope. That is for the Oreo horoscope campaign they made last May. When a fan liked an Oreo tweet, he or she received a personalized Oreo horoscope. 

Other Best of Tweet Awards

  • The best campaign that connected to a major moment is the launch of Mountain Dew’s major melon flavor. 
  • The best campaign that said “thank you for all of us” is Cerave’s #ThankYouNurses. 
  • The best campaign with an electrifying launch goes to Ford F150Lightning.

Twitter announces this year’s best of tweets awards on 07 December 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter’s best of tweets awards does not offer cash rewards. Instead, it uplifts the winner’s reputation within the platform. For marketers, the award can provide interesting perspectives on what can work for a Twitter ad or campaign. They can help you think more creatively about your Twitter marketing approach.


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