Need Help With The Holiday Season? Twitter’s ‘Holiday Hub’ Is Here!

The ber months are here and while the situation today is less than ideal, the holiday season still gives people something to look forward to. After an exhausting year, many individuals are looking to celebrate Christmas and get into the spirit of the holidays.

The holiday season is typically a key season for brands to release holiday-themed content and items, and this year’s holiday season might just be the perfect time for brands to rebuild and maximize their businesses and regain some of the losses from this year. Twitter recognized this – which is why it launched a mini-site called the ‘Holiday Hub’. 

To help with this, this week, Twitter has launched a new ‘Holiday Hub’ mini-site, where it will collect a range of resources and guides to help marketers make the most of the upcoming season. The ‘Holiday Hub’ will be compiling resources and how-tos that will help marketers navigate the holiday season and keep updated with key trends for the upcoming months. 

Twitter has even included a holiday marketing calendar noting down important dates that marketers can keep their eyes on. The social platform has already released a full calendar of events earlier this year, but it now wants to put focus on the key events happening during the holiday season. 

The ‘Holiday Hub’ is meant to be an inspirational guide to boost marketers’ think tanks and help them with creative ways to spice up the holiday season. Twitter plans to continuously add resources and features to the hub, so it is worth bookmarking and going back to from time to time.


Implication for Marketers

This year was tough for businesses across the globe, and people need hope now more than ever. The holiday season is all about that, and Twitter’s new ‘Holiday Hub’ might just be the thing marketers need to get their creative juices flowing to come up with effective and efficient marketing strategies for the holiday season. Marketers can capitalize on the spirit of the holidays and use it in developing marketing plans, and the ‘Holiday Hub’ may provide valuable resources and ideas.


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