Twitter Now Supports 4K Images

Do you want to see a full display of your Twitter images? Well, this is the time you have been waiting for. After more than a month of testing, Twitter now supports 4K images. This is a significant addition to Twitter media more than the engaging animated stickers, custom backgrounds, and reaction emojis.

Twitter Now Supports 4K Images

Screen Resolutions are based on the pixel per inch (PPI) of an image. The higher the number of PPIs an image has, the better its quality is. Below is a list of screen resolutions we commonly see on social media:

  • Standard Definition (SD) = 720 x 480
  • High Definition (HD Ready) = 1280 x 720 
  • Full-High Definition = 1920 x 1080
  • Ultra-High Definition or 4K = 3840 x 2160

Today, Twitter users can now upload 4K high-resolution images. This allows viewers to see more fine details of an image or video. To start uploading 4K images on Twitter, Android and iOS users must update their “Data usage” settings to a high-quality image preference.

Twitter now supports 4K images starting 21 April 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter’s support for 4K images is very much welcomed by artists and photographers alike. They can now showcase their works in higher-quality representations on Twitter. For marketers, this means more professional visuals to communicate and promote a brand or product. Full images can now be seen on tweets further enhancing a Twitter presentation.


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