Twitter Launches Location Spotlights Globally

Twitter Launches Location Spotlights Globally

Twitter aims to drive profits for all brands, businesses, and creators. That is why the platform enabled product drops and Shopify partnerships. To boost reach, the platform introduced hashtag discovery in communities and keyword search in DMs. Today, Twitter launches location spotlights globally.

Twitter Launches Location Spotlights Globally

Location Spotlights will allow professionals to display contact details, physical addresses, and hours of operation on their Twitter profiles. It allows potential customers and existing clients to easily reach them via DM, email, phone, or text. By integrating it with Google Maps, Twitter also gives location spotlights an extra boost. Searchers can click the location map to navigate directions.

Twitter launches location spotlights globally on 04 August 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

Location spotlights can help Twitter marketers boost local SEO. It can also encourage customers to take action upon the discovery of a brand.


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