Twitter Updates Its Reply Controls

Twitter Updates Its Reply Controls

It seems that Twitter now focuses on comments and reply control. The move is to better promote privacy within the platform. Last March, the platform introduced conversation settings for ads. These settings allow brands and businesses to control who can post a comment on their ads. Recently, Twitter has been testing check-in settings and privacy alerts. These allow users to easily switch from one account to another and be notified of any suspicious activities. Today, Twitter updates its reply controls.

Twitter reply options

The new reply control options allow users to choose who can reply to their tweets in 3 options:

  • Everyone
  • Only people who follow you
  • Only people you have mention

Users can change such options during and after posting a tweet. They no longer need to delete and redo a tweet if they want to change the reply control option.

Twitter updates its reply controls on 13 July 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter’s reply controls allow users to shy away from hateful comments. For marketers, this can also be an effective way to prevent abusive and malicious comments. As such, brands and businesses can focus more on positive connections.


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