Twitter Introduces the Connect Playbook

Twitter Introduces the Connect Playbook

Twitter adopted a new motto last March 2021. That is to “Do business where business is done.” In line with it, the platform launched several guides to help brands and businesses. These include the Agency Playbook, future campaign insights, and a one-page ad checklist. Today, Twitter introduces the Connect Playbook.

Twitter’s Connect Playbook is a 45-page go-to guide jam-packed with campaigns’ data and insights. It is a compilation of the best data, learnings, and tips from successful Twitter brands and marketers. The Connect Playbook will walk advertisers through the things they will need to consider to connect with the Twitter nation.

You will find the following sections under the Twitter Connect Playbook:

  • Why Twitter Is the Place to Run Your Next Ads Campaign
  • What Makes Our Audience Our Superpower 
  • The Value of Connecting to Events, Occasions, And Trends Happening On Twitter
  • Which Global Events Your Brand Can Connect to This Year 
  • The Twitter Ad Formats Available for Your Campaign 
  • Best Practices for Your Ad Creatives – Images, Videos, Copy, Emojis, And More
  • How To Target Your Audience on Twitter Using Our Various Targeting Tools
  • How The Cost and Bidding Structures for Twitter Ads Work

Twitter introduces the Connect Playbook on 05 July 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

The Connect Playbook is a piece worth looking at for marketers. Jam-packed with campaign analytics, data, case studies, and insights, it will spark a better Twitter marketing approach.


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