Twitter Launches Agency Playbook Back

We are now seeing a big eCommerce push on Twitter. It seems that the platform is determined to transform into a social shopping site. It is currently testing the conversion of brands and businesses into Professional Profiles. The platform is also experimenting with Shop Modules and video ads. Today, Twitter launches “Agency Playbook.” It is an updated version of Twitter’s guide to creating effective ads and campaigns.

In 2019, Twitter introduced the 1st version of “Agency Playbook.” Initially, its main goal is to help brands and businesses better understand the platform. Because of the many changes and updates on Twitter’s features and tools, the platform launches an enhanced version of the “Agency Playbook.” It houses four sections:

  • Twitter Basics include guides on how to create a profile, the best practices on how to build and manage a community, and what to tweet. 
  • Twitter Advertising includes learning analytics, best practices in ad creation, campaign objectives, and partnership opportunities.
  • The Resources and Guides section includes agency resources, downloadable guides and webinars, marketing calendars, small business resources, success stories, and video resources.
  • The Ads Help Center includes ads policies, FAQs, and troubleshooting Twitter ads. 

Twitter launches “Agency Playbook” back on 05 August 2021

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter’s “agency Playbook” is a handy guide to mastering ads and campaigns within the platform. This is a must-read handout for marketers who want to excel in Twitter marketing.


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