Twitter Publishes a One-Page Checklist for Ads

Attention advertisers and marketers on Twitter! Twitter publishes a one-page checklist for ads. It is an extension of the platform’s recently published Agency Playbook. In 2019, its 1st version was launched to help brands and businesses better understand the platform. While the latest version covered all aspects of Twitter marketing. 

Twitter ads checklist

Twitter’s one-page checklist is downloadable. It is a grab-and-go one-sheeter on the key takeaways of the Agency Playbook. These are helpful reminders about Twitter ads as follow:

  • Promote a new conversation, event, feature, or product on Twitter.
  • To get personalized industry benchmarks, identify your clients’ goals and metrics. Twitter’s sales team will also be glad to help you.
  • If you are planning to spend more than $5,000 or its local currency equivalence on Twitter Ads, it is best to apply for an insertion order.
  • Twitter recommends for the clients to select an “Account Administrator” and check the “Can compose Promotable Tweets” option for agencies. Setting up a multi-user login ensures that both the agency and client can both access the right information.
  • Allow time for Twitter to review your ads based on its ad policies by setting them up a few weeks before its launch. 
  • Keep tweets short and sweet with a strong CTA and 1 to 2 relevant hashtags.
  • Add rich media like short videos that are 15-seconds or less or with a sound-off strategy.
  • Consider Twitter Amplify and Twitter Takeover to have a greater impact on the platform.
  • Twitter Ads Manager can help you with conversion tracking and mobile measurement partners as you learn to navigate its different tools.
  • Choose and review the right target options when trying to reach your audience.
  • Understand the data and metrics of Twitter Analytics through advanced measurement studies.

Twitter publishes a one-page checklist for ads on 25 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter’s one-page checklist can be a handy guide for agency staffers and marketers to cover all the key information on an effective Twitter ad. It may be worth using them to build effective Twitter campaigns.


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