Twitter Shares 10 Insights to Guide Brands on Future Campaigns

In the past few months, Twitter has been sharing guides and insights that are useful for brands and businesses. Last 30 July 2020, it shared the top conversations about Watch Parties. It also shared the impact on mixed video ads last 04 August 2020. Twitter Insiders recently made a national study about the changing American behavior. This, they do by looking at billions of tweets with a B. Today, Twitter shares 10 insights to guide brands on future campaigns. 

10 Insights to Guide Brands on Future Campaigns

Tweets about parenting increase by 42%. Because of the COVID-19 lockdowns, families became closer having to spend more time together at home. Parents now focus more on guiding their kids, especially with online entertainment and schooling.

Deeper online connections. They say true friends stick around during good times and bad times. This is true as we faced the pandemic. The silver lining it brought about is having more time for meaningful communications. This strengthens friendship bonds.

A 51% increase in conversation about grief. The pandemic has united America in grief. Many people sympathize with the loss of lives, livelihoods, and security. 

Mental health chats increased by 54%. Now more than ever has mental health been given more importance. The health threats and limited movement result in anxiety and depression. But recent trends are showing hope and positivity.

New hobbies replaced social activities. The year 2020 saw the rise of new home hobbies to fight boredom while staying at home. Some Americans prefer to stick with these hobbies while others long to go back to their old activities as the situation gets better.

There’s a 24% increase in Tweets about trying new things. Bucket list and YOLO are back. Slowing down results in the realization that life is short, so we should enjoy it at its best.

WFH conversation increased by +375% every year. This year marks the rise of WFH. Brands and businesses tried balancing life through health security measures. WFH has been the key to their survival. 

Workplace appreciation is up by 44% while frustration is up by 39%. America has seen how organizations take care of their employees during this time of the pandemic. Lucky are those thankful to their employers. 

Social Responsibility has risen with 72% of the Twitter nation supporting brands standing for a cause. People are now taking actions to uplift their social responsibility and they are expecting brands to do the same.

Black-owned business tweets increase by +585%. People are learning hard lessons on racial injustices. They are now actively taking sides to promote equality. 

Twitter shares these 10 insights to guide brands on future campaigns as of 30 September 2020

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter’s 10 insights can help brands and businesses with their future decisions. This means focusing on family-oriented campaigns. Content that encourages positivity can uplift a brand’s online reputation. They also have to adapt to the new normal which is digital connections and marketing. Marketers should also give importance to social issues and responsibilities. People today get news and trends online. These conversations can be a way to pitch a brand’s value. 



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